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Stock up on high CBD cannabis seeds in preperation of the inevitable legalisation!
At this time, it's completely legal to purchase cannabis seeds in the UK for preservation, collection or souvenier purposes. However, according to the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, germination, cultivation or any other use is explicitly prohibited unless you have a special permit to grow issued by the British Secretary of State.

If you are shipping to an address outside the UK, it is your responsibility to know all the laws pertaining to cannabis seeds and how they pertain to you.

To comply with UK law, Rhino Seeds sells all cannabis seeds as novelty items and collectible souvenirs. Our terms of service prohibit germination and we reserve the right to cancel any sale if we have any indication that you may commit an illegal act with any of our products.

In other words, growing cannabis, marijuana or weed is strictly, utterly & totally illegal. Don't do it!

Growing magic mushrooms is the same as ordinary mushrooms but in the UK we only study magic mushroom spores under the microscope!


In other words, growing magic mushrooms is strictly, utterly & totally illegal. Don't do it!