The New Paradigm

UCD: A New Medical Discovery

"It Is Unintentional Chronic Dehydration That Causes Pain and Disease, Including Cancer In The Body

This information had been methodically and fraudulently concealed until now!"

F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

"Dear Friend:


At Last: We Can Now Cure Pain and Prevent Disease -- Naturally -- At No Cost:

My ground-breaking medical discovery reveals the missing natural element that prevents -- even cures -- the body’s painful degenerative diseases -- naturally and at no cost!

I am honored and proud to inform you that my research over 18 years -- in addition to my medical training and subsequent 33 years as a doctor -- has exposed the simplest natural cure to a vast number of health problems.

I invite you to read this report in its entirety. Read about my discovery, and in the light of the new information, learn how to become your own healer and cure your own health problems naturally -- I repeat, at no cost! Become your own diagnostician and doctor during these health care crisis times -- when you need to take charge of your own health and well-being. Also, you will discover:

Why we in medicine were not able to permanently cure any of the painful degenerative diseases -- until now. And why we have frequently made deadly mistakes that add more pain, suffering, and irreversible complications in the process!

Why we constantly had to experiment using different chemicals in the futile hope of finding something that would work -- and nothing has worked until now! Look at the spiraling health care costs every year.

Why the drug companies have had to produce so many chemicals that are now proven to make 2,000,000 sicker and have killed over 100,000 annually -- even when used according to their manufacturers’ recommendations! Judge for yourself how vulnerable we have become! The Washington Post of Wednesday, April 15, 1998 quotes the Journal of the American Medical Association:"One in 15 hospital patients in the United States can expect to suffer from a prescription or over-the-counter medicine, and about 5 percent of these will die as a result!" You should know that 1 in every 4 hospital admissions are said to be due to the side effects of routinely used prescription drugs.

Why all of this is about to change, and with what mind-boggling simplicity!

What you are going to find out may at first sound too good to be true! This newly uncovered "ultimate cure" is so simple you will wonder why it has not been discovered until now! But I will prove every word you are about to read. I will also tell you why I think the drug industry has concealed this information when asking trusting physicians to prescribe its medications.

What you will discover in this letter is that we in medicine are trained to use chemicals to treat pain and disease when all the body needs is water -- a simple and abundantly available natural element.

Yes! Only water!

This is the reason why we in medicine have made so many deadly mistakes! We are routinely treating symptoms, signs and complications of drought in the body with toxic chemicals that kill more rapidly than the dehydration itself!

Who in his/her right mind would want to take toxic chemicals when all that their body needs is water -- free water -- natural water, the ultimate medication of choice to cure pain and prevent disease?

The commercial "sick-care" system and the drug industry do not want you to know that in most health problems you are only thirsty and not sick!

They survive and thrive if we remain ignorant of the knowledge of the different ways our bodies show we are thirsty -- that we are suffering from local or regional drought. When there is shortage of water, some parts of the body are forced to go without water. In this report, you will get to know how the drought-stricken parts reflect dehydration, and how you can recognize that you are truly thirsty. You will recognize why "dry mouth" is not a sign of thirst, but why different pains are!

Understanding dehydration will empower you to become much healthier and live longer. There is more to it than just drinking water. You will need to invest a little bit of your time and concentration and begin to understand the subject. You might think: "I now know I need to drink water; that is enough." But you knew that all along. What you did not know -- and need to know -- is why and what happens if you too become forgetful and complacent, like millions of others who did not drink water until they got seriously sick -- with this or that disease -- but actually died of dehydration. Also remember, the body is not a container that can be replenished when empty. When dehydration has become symptom-producing, the reversal of its complications take time and understanding. This is the information you need.

The fundamentals of the information you have in your hands have been scientifically peer-reviewed and presented at different national and international medical conferences -- and published in scientific journals. You are receiving this information directly because the AMA and The National Institutes of Health -- that you fund with your tax dollars and believe they are working for you -- have so far refused to tell the American people they were wrong in their past assumptions about the cause of pain and disease in the human body.

Now that I am at it, and before we get into the meat of this report, let me first give you some background information, and then tell you a true story that will dispel any illusions you may have had about the drug companies being on your side!

As you will learn, I have the scientific distinction of having successfully treated with only water over 3,000 people suffering from peptic ulcer disease. My report of this event was published as the main editorial of the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in June 1983, and also reported in the SCIENCE WATCH (Science Times) of the New York Times, Tuesday, June 21, 1983.

To me as a clinician, it became obvious that these people were suffering from a "thirst problem" and the label of "disease" is something we have concocted because we have not understood that pain and local damage can be one of the ways that persistent drought in the body shows itself.

One day, at a meeting held in the office of Professor Howard Spiro of Yale University, I made this view known. Professor Gregory Eastwood, who was then head of the department of gastroenterology at the University of Massachusetts, and who is now dean of a prestigious medical school, asked me if I could prove this view scientifically. I said I could.


I set out to scientifically prove the view that the human body can produce pain when it is thirsty...

And I did it!

Drug companies manufacture a class of chemicals that are strong antihistamines. Histamine is a brain chemical whose action the drug industry is determined to block when there is pain. Most strong pain medications are antihistamines. There are many kinds produced by different companies. One variety is called Tagamet. It is now a non-prescription drug that you can buy off the shelf.

I set out to research why histamine is the target when pain medications are used.

I discovered that histamine is a vital chemical messenger in the brain. Histamine has a most important function not written about in medical textbooks. It is in charge of water intake and drought management in the body. It is less active when the body is fully hydrated, and becomes increasingly active when the body becomes dehydrated. This was the connection I was looking for. In short, histamine produces pain when an area in the body is suffering from drought!

I had to search through numerous scientific journals to collect this information. It took several months to put this information together. I made several copies of a thick scientific volume, and had each volume bound -- in April 1985, 13 years ago! A copy was sent to each of the professors who were present at the meeting in Professor Spiro’s office.

I presented at various conferences the discovery that the human body produces pain and develops various diseases when it is suffering from drought. One such conference was the 3rd Interscience World Conference on Inflammation, held in Monte Carlo in 1989.

Deception and Human Suffering! Here is the story that should dispel any myths about drug companies being on the side of consumers! In the autumn of 1988 I was invited to speak at the Gastroenterology Society meeting held at the Armed Forces Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -- a hospital and a country that lack nothing money can buy. I was introduced to the local representative of a major drug company that manufactures one of these special pain medications. He did not know me or the topic of my presentation.

He was curious. Here I was in Saudi Arabia, from America, addressing a medical gathering.

He asked me, "Do you use our product?" I answered, "No, I do not."

He asked, "Are you using the product of our competitor?" I said, "No, I do not use the product of your competitor either."

With much surprise he asked, "Then, what do you use to treat your patients?" I told him, "I use water."

In amazement, he said, "What, water alone?" "Yes," I said, "Water alone."

Then I asked him the two questions that had bothered me for some time.

"As a researcher into the effect of histamine functions on the body physiology, your company must be aware of the primary role of histamine in water regulation and drought management of the body. Firstly, why do you insist that its actions should be blocked? And, secondly, why do you not explain this water-regulatory role of histamine in the body to the clinicians who are being asked to block its action by the use of your product?"

What do you think was his answer?

In an irritated tone of voice, he replied, "We are not here to educate the doctors. They should discover that for themselves! We are a manufacturing company interested in selling a product!" Exactly what I expected!

Fortunately, I am now able to reveal what drug companies have been for years concealing from the doctors and their patients. This new knowledge will make the practice of medicine much simpler -- and friendlier to you, your health, and your financial resources. What is more, medical jargon will no longer get in your way of understanding your own body and its ways of talking to you.

And, of course, the profession of medicine will once again become an honorable calling and not just a way to get rich quickly.


Pain No More: A Much Longer Healthier Life Too Was The Message

How and where do you think I made my discovery?

Secrets of "water cure" were revealed to me in the unlikeliest place you could imagine.

In a Middle Eastern political prison.

It was 1979 when all hell broke loose and I was caught in the inferno.

After graduating from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School of London University and having the honor of being selected as the resident doctor in my own medical school, I returned to Iran, where I was born, to set up medical centers and clinics for those in need. I became very successful in this endeavor. Then the political volcano erupted.

You saw it on the television screens. Angry masses engaged in the violent overthrow of the Shah and the Iranian government.

There was a tragic side to this historic event. Almost all professional and creative people who had stayed in the country were rounded up and taken to prison to be investigated, tried, and "dealt with" as quickly as possible.

Some people were shot on the first day or two. Their "revolutionary" trials consisted of establishment of identity, pronouncement of guilt, followed by the sentence. The trial would last no more than ten minutes. Other people were given a little more time before being "processed."

I was lucky to be among the latter group. I suppose my skills as a doctor were useful to prison authorities, hence the delay in my being "processed."

Evin Prison where I was held was built for 600 persons. At one point, it was "sardine-packed" with 8,000 to 9,000 prisoners. At the height of their revolutionary fervor, when segregating different political factions, prison authorities used some cells built for six to eight people to isolate up to 90 persons. One third would lie down, one third would squat, and one third would have to stand. Every few hours, prisoners would rotate position.

The nightmare of life and death in that hell-hole haunted everyone and tested the mettle of both the strong and the weak. This is when the human body revealed to me some of its greatest secrets, secrets never understood by the medical profession.

For most of the prisoners, who ranged in age from 14 to 80, pressures of the exceptionally harsh life caused much stress and ill health. Destiny must have chosen me to be there to help some of these desperate people.

One late night, about two months into my imprisonment (I had begun with six weeks in solitary confinement), my destiny revealed itself. It spoke to me in the loudest of words and forever changed my life.

It was past 11:00 p.m. I was awakened to see an inmate in excruciating stomach pain. He could not walk by himself. Two others were helping him stay upright.

He was suffering from peptic ulcer disease and wanted some ulcer pain medication. His face dropped when I told him I had not been allowed to bring medical supplies with me to prison.

Then the revolutionary breakthrough occurred!

I gave him two glasses of water.

His pain disappeared in minutes and he could begin to stand up by himself. He beamed from ear to ear. You cannot imagine the joy of relief he experienced, even in those harsh surroundings.

"What happens if the pain comes back?" he asked.

"Drink two glasses of water every three hours," I told him.

He became pain-free and remained disease-free for the rest of his time in prison. His "water cure" in that harsh environment totally amazed me as a doctor. I knew I had witnessed a healing power to water that I had not been taught in medical school. I am sure no other such observation has ever been made in medical research.

If water could cure a painful disease condition in that stressful environment, surely it needed further research! The penny dropped there and then. I realized that my destiny as a healer had brought me to this "human stress laboratory" to teach me a new approach to medicine and to reveal many other hidden secrets about the human body. I opened my eyes. Instinctively, I realized why I had come to prison!

I stopped thinking about myself and started to think about doing medical research in the prison. I began to identify the health problems that "blossomed" due to the stress of prison. By far the largest number involved ulcer pains. I treated those who came to me with what proved to be the best "natural elixir" -- water. I found water could treat and cure more diseases than any medication I knew about.


It Could Even Cure Someone Who Was Literally Dying of Pain

It was again past 11:00 p.m. I was on my way to a sick inmate when I heard a piercing groan from one of the cells at the end of the corridor. I followed the sound and found a young man curled up on the floor of his cell. He seemed to be totally detached, giving out deep, piercing groans.

"What is wrong?" I asked. He did not react. I had to shake him several times before he could reply.

"My... ulcer... is killing me."

"What have you done for the pain?" I asked. He told me: "Since one o'clock... when it started... I have taken three Tagamets... and one full bottle of antacid. But... not only has the pain not stopped... it has got worse since then." (At that time, prisoners were able to get medications from the prison hospital.)

By now, I had a much clearer understanding of peptic ulcer pain. What I did not realize until then was the severity it could reach when not even strong medications could stop it.

After examining his abdomen for possible complications, I gave him two glasses of tap water. Just over one pint.

I left him to visit another sick inmate. Ten minutes later I returned.

Groans of pain no longer filled the corridor.

"How do you feel?" I asked.

"Much better," he replied. "But I still have some pain."

I gave him a third glass of water.

And his pain stopped completely within four minutes.

This man had been semi-conscious, on the verge of death. He had taken a huge amount of ulcer medication -- with no result. And now, after drinking only 3 glasses of tap water, he became pain-free, sitting up and socializing with his friends. What a humbling discovery! And I thought I had received the best medical education in the world!

During the years of my captivity, I cured over 3,000 ulcer cases with only water in the Evin Prison -- "my God-given stress laboratory."

All thanks to water. Plain, simple, cost-free medicine for everyone. Water that we all take for granted! Water that the medical profession has dismissed as unworthy of research!

Since my eyes were opened to water as a natural medication, I have seen it heal and alleviate hundreds of traditionally incurable sicknesses and chronic pains.

I have seen water completely reverse conditions such as: Asthma. Angina. Hypertension. Migraine headaches. Arthritis pain. Back pain. Colitis pain and chronic constipation. Heartburn and hiatal hernia. Depression. Chronic fatigue syndrome. High cholesterol. Morning sickness. Overweight problems. Even heart problems needing bypass surgery.

All these disease conditions responded simply and permanently to water. Ordinary water. Any water you feel comfortable to drink. Clean tap water is as good as any.


Day After Day ... Patient After Patient ... The Results Prove the Healing Power of Water

I have used water to cure people who were suffering from "incurable" diseases. I have cured people who suffered for 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years from painful conditions produced by dehydration.

The Mayo Clinic had pronounced Lloyd Palmer, of Minnesota, as incurable. Since 1965 he had suffered from excruciatingly painful arthritis of his spinal column -- ankylosing spondylitis. His spine twisted and lost movement until, he says, he became a "walking comma."

He suffered pain for 31 years, until he started to drink water and take salt. He writes: "I continue to be pain-free with my ankylosis spondylitis one year after starting the water/salt regime. My blood pressure is normal as well. I thank God every day for allowing me to finally be pain-free." Lloyd Palmer's story is so incredible that Paul Harvey reported it on his ABC News program. He also wrote a syndicated column, printed in a few hundred newspapers.

In a recent news broadcast on ABC television, Peter Jennings announced that 110 million Americans suffer from chronic pains. The breakthrough medical information these people need to regain their health is now in your hands. Empower yourself -- increase your knowledge of persistent dehydration and its "calling cards," now that you have the opportunity. Learn the secrets to a much longer pain-free life.

Attention! It is easy to understand what water does in your body, but bear in mind there is more to it than just simply drinking water. You must learn to rehydrate your body gradually and carefully. You need to recognize your own particular early indicators of thirst. Not everyone is the same. You must learn what can happen to your own body when it becomes dehydrated. Not every body registers drought in the same way. Depending on where the drought has settled, the initial indicators are different in different people.

Q. Is there more to the cure program than just water?

A. Yes, there is much more. In the same way you need a road map to drive through a new country, you need more information to understand, prevent, even reverse complications of dehydration. The detailed information in My Natural Miracle Cure Program is vital for your initiation into the new art of self-healing. My information is exclusive and you will not find it elsewhere.

WARNING! You must learn how to start drinking water in a way that you do not collect water in your lungs-- particularly if you have been dehydrated for some time, or if you are on medications-- and eventually wish to get off medications.

In My Natural Miracle Cure Program I will show you how to:

Cure virtually all pains at no cost -- forever -- without drugs, surgery, acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, manipulation, homeopathy, meditation, bio-feedback, hypnosis, or other commercial ways used for relief of pain.

Reduce your blood pressure naturally, without any harmful medication -- such as diuretics that further dehydrate the body. When blood pressure is raised, the body is operating a water-rationing program -- it has to raise the pressure to inject filtered water into vital cells. This is why diuretics are slow poisons that surely and prematurely kill. Wise up to this discovery if you or someone you know is suffering from high blood pressure! I am not selling water. I am sharing this information with you free of charge. But you need to know more.

Lower your blood cholesterol without medication.

Add many healthy pain-free years to your life.

Lose unwanted pounds of excess weight. Look and feel years younger. Donna Gutkowski's letter on page 111 of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water tells her story of how she lost 40 pounds of unsightly weight before she got married. "I can walk down the aisle looking better than I have looked in 15 years."

Regain your youthful skin. Get rid of "crow's feet" on your face.

Increase your mental power and alertness.

Become stress-free. Don't forget, the stress-relieving and disease-curing miracles of water were first discovered in a harsh political prison.

Prevent and cure migraine headaches. (Read Mavis Butler's astonishing letter on page 52 of the Cries for Water book, and discover how water changed her life. At times she did not wish to live because of long-lasting headaches that kept her in bed for days on end -- in pain!)

Prevent Alzheimer's disease. Regain your memory, even in old age. THINK! The brain is 85 percent water. When water in the brain becomes insufficient, the brain shrinks. The plum-like cells become prune-like. Only in their natural fully hydrated state are brain cells able to connect and "talk" to one another, and we are able to remember things. This is why my research indicates that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by chronic dehydration of the brain cells. When dehydrated, many brain cells die. Unlike other cells in the body, new brain cells are not produced to replace the dying ones. Learn to prevent brain cells’ early death. Learn to even partially reverse some of the damages of dehydration of your brain.

Prevent heart disease. Cure angina pain. Read the letters on pages 92 and 93 from Sam Liguori and 90-year-old Loretta Johnson, long-time angina sufferers whose conditions were cured completely.

Regain the sexual powers of your earlier years.

Learn to give your body what it needs. Avoid giving it substances that cause further problems. Most medications are nothing less than slow poisons with dangerous side effects. They do not correct the on-going problem of dehydration.

Cure asthma in a few days - forever. In chapter 9 of my book, you will read how asthma and allergies occur. You will read testimonials from several asthma sufferers who describe how water and salt saved them from constant shortness of breath, and possible suffocation and death from a more severe attack of asthma. They are just a few of the 14 million asthmatics in this country -- 12 million of them children. Several thousand die every year from suffocation. Dehydration that manifests itself in the form of asthma in still-developing children will undoubtedly produce some genetic damage -- because of altered DNA environment in dehydrated cells. Please join me in my crusade to end asthma in five years. We can do it. All you need to do is to understand how it occurs. You can then advise others who suffer from asthma. The simplicity and effectiveness of the cure is a miracle. You cannot stand on the sidelines of this human suffering!

Side note on asthma - to make your blood boil a little more. If you take a look at two feature articles on asthma, one in Life Magazine of May 1997 and the other in Newsweek of May 20, 1997, you will weep for the asthmatic children who are forced to live on constant medication of some sort or another lest they suffocate to death. Naturally, there are quite a number of full page ads for the same recommended drugs in each magazine. Newsweek magazine’s science editor has for some time been aware of my discovery that asthma denotes a "state of dehydration," yet there is no mention of my natural and free asthma cure in the article. I can only assume that advertising dollars are more important to the magazine than the simple cure that is now available for asthmatics!


Relieve, Even Cure, Multiple Sclerosis

On page 70 of my book, you will read the testimony of a person with MS who was cured with water. In tape #4 of the audio program -- Water: Rx For A Healthier Pain-Free Life that accompanies the book, you will listen to the letter of another person whose one eye, blinded by MS, regained its sight. Both these and other MS patients recovered after they followed the recommendations in My Natural Miracle Cure Program (CDs) .

In My Natural Miracle Cure Program (CDs) you will discover:

Why many drinks actually make you more dehydrated, and increase your urgent need for water. Why diet sodas can actually make you gain weight! Learn the basic cause of overeating. Learn why 30 percent of Americans are grossly overweight. Discover the only permanent way of losing weight, without the yo-yo effect of other diet programs. The dangers of artificial sweeteners. Discover why the caffeine and false sweeteners in sodas are more harmful together.

Why blood tests do not show dehydration. Because, in dehydration, 66 percent of the water loss is from inside of the cells in a drought-stricken area. 26 percent of the water loss is from the fluid environment of the cells in the area, and only 8 percent of the water loss is from inside the blood vessels of the area. The blood vessels close up and don’t show they have lost 8 percent of the total loss. This is why blood tests are useless in the diagnosis of symptom-producing drought in the body. You need to understand the other signs and symptoms of dehydration that I have identified during my 18 years of research.

Why your body's thirst is not signaled by a "dry mouth." In fact, there are many indicators of thirst before you develop a dry mouth. Why diseases occur at a level of dehydration that does not cause a dry mouth.

Why doctors are wrong in their instructions to cut out salt from your daily diet. Learn why this "forbidden" substance is vital to your body. Learn how salt can be used as pain medication in arthritis; as a cure-producing medicine in asthma and allergy treatment. Even in hypertension, it does more good than harm. Learn how water and salt together can CURE many diseases. Learn how to use salt as an effective sleeping "pill!"

Why even orange juice is only good for you in small amounts. Too much can cause health complications people are not aware of.

Imagine, at the very end of the 20th Century, my colleagues in medical practice do not yet understand the consequences of persistent dehydration, and yet they take charge of the sick in the "sick-care" system! We have until now relied on the drug industry’s research to show us new treatment modalities, and the medical schools have towed the line!

This is why I am fighting the system by talking directly to you, and millions like you, by sending you this medical report! From here on, the ball is in your court. Play it well, and free yourself from the self-serving ways of commercial medicine. It angers me when people -- who only need water to be cured of their health problems -- are talked into long-term use of expensive medications (up to $10-$15 a pill) and unnecessary treatment procedures such as: Acupuncture! Manipulations! Surgery! Fad diets! High doses of vitamins! Psychotherapy! Hypnosis! Massage!

My mission today is to help as many people as humanly possible alleviate their pain and disease. To accomplish this, I have distilled my 18 years of research into the most comprehensive book on water available anywhere. Additionally, I’ve just completed a 10-hour audio series that picks up where the book ends. If you or a loved one suffer disease or pain, or are simply fed up with fancy double talk from those within the medical establishment, I urge you to order your own copy of My Natural Miracle Cure Program. Included in the program is:

1- The book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water -- second edition -- hard cover, exclusive to this program. Since its debut, the book has been printed 21 times. It has been translated into a number of languages. Here is what some eminent professionals are saying about it:

"Dr. Batman’s books are full of common sense and truthful medical advice. His suggested treatment of disease goes to the roots, the cause of it, and anyone who is fortunate enough to read them won’t be disappointed with their purchase."

--Dr. Laurence A. Malone
Dean for Academic Affairs
Learning Center For College Sciences, Ohio

"I was particularly stunned by Dr. Batmanghelidj’s lucid description of how lack of water is the primary cause of hypertension."

--Julian Whitaker, M.D.
Health and Healing Newsletter

"Dr. B's book hits the nail on the head. Period."

--Dr. Arthur Moll.

"Thanks to Dr. Batmanghelidj. I put your book next to the Bible and read them both."

--Dick Gregory.

"One man's solution to rising health costs."

--Paul Harvey
ABC Radio News and national syndicated columnist

"As an Internist/Cardiologist, I find Dr. Batman’s research incisive, trenchant and fundamental. This work is a Godsend for all."

--Dan C. Roehm, M.D., F.A.C.P.

"I consider your insights some of the most amazing I have encountered in medicine."

--L.B. Works, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

2- Audiotape seminar: Water: Rx for a Healthier Pain-Free Life. The information in this 10-hour course is unique, and newly presented. Although it complements the book, the course is not a tape of the book. My message in these products is: "You are not sick. You are thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medications."

Read how water has helped these people:

Physician Cures Her Child!
"...My 8-year-old has suffered with severe allergy symptoms related to allergic rhinitis and asthma... Within 2-3 days he showed dramatic improvement... he is more alert, and his school grades have improved... I want to emphasize how effective this treatment has been."

--Cheryl Brown-Christopher, M.D., Maryland

Multiple Sclerosis Under Control!
"I am a person with MS... I have been using your program for four weeks. I can confidently say I am thrilled with the results. Truly your discovery has given me back a portion of my life."

--John Kuna, Pennsylvania

Eyesight Restored!
"About a month ago my boyfriend lost his sight because he has MS... He has gained his sight back (20/40) by using your suggestion of water, carrot juice, vitamin E and vitamin B. The doctor at the NE Eye Institute could not believe his eyesight came back."

--Karen Simone, Pennsylvania

No More Drugs!
No more heartburn, back feels great, fantastic. No more drugs." Harry Finn, North Carolina Multiple Benefits of Water!

"The benefits I have received are beyond words... Shoulder, back and neck pain that my doctors said I would suffer the rest of my life are completely gone. I have lost weight. My skin has a rich glow and is extremely toned."

--Rosetta Fluke, Washington

Lose Weight Without Trying!
"I easily took off 15 pounds without trying. I eat whatever I want... I can honestly say that you have made losing weight an easy thing to do. I know of two brothers, one lost over 100 pounds and the other lost 30."

--Bob Butts, Pennsylvania

Medical Doctor Cures His Own Asthma!
"Due to the information you have provided I have been able to ameliorate and cure my own asthma... Also, I have been able to advise other patients with respiratory and allergen problems. Thank you for giving me and others the breath of life through something so simple..."

--Jose A. Rivera, M.D., Pennsylvania

Pain and Disease Gone!
"No more indigestion, colon problems, food allergies, chronic and acute back problems, emotional or mental confusion. At the age of 51 I had all of the above, and now at the age of 52, I am in excellent health!"

--Bill Gray, Virginia

Sexual Prowess Regained!
"I have noticed at least one change in my physiology. My ability to get and hold an erection has vastly improved. I am 57."

--Name Withheld, Kansas MI

Do not be surprised by the number of conditions water can prevent, treat and cure.

Rise above the basic medical ignorance that has classified so many "states of dehydration" as different diseases.

You must give your body what it needs: not what makes you sicker than before.

My Natural Miracle Cure Program will empower you to respond to your body's different "cries" the right way. You will:

Learn why high cholesterol is linked to dehydration, and is not directly connected to the amount of fat you eat. Learn how to lower cholesterol naturally -- without strict diets or chemical treatments that don't work.

Discover why migraine headaches occur, and how to prevent them. Learn why a certain way you sleep can cause head pain. Learn why pain medications stop being effective -- forcing you to change them and often increase their strength.

Discover the hazards of one of the most-used groups of over-the-counter and prescription medication. Some so-called "safe medications" -- regularly advertised on television -- have been implicated in Alzheimer's disease. One of the ingredients of these medications is found heavily deposited in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease -- irreversibly damaging the brain.

Learn why colitis, hiatus hernia, and bulimia indicate the body has been calling for water.

Discover how non-prescription pain-killers can damage your health. Many thousands die every year from over-the-counter pain medication. Say no to the use of these chemicals when your body only needs water. All you need to learn is why, when, and how to use water as a medicine.

Discover how to stop childhood allergies once and for all. Stop treating your child's dehydration with drugs before you cause permanent and irreversible damage. One such permanent damage is diabetes. It can quickly follow other calls of the body for water. If you do not want a diabetic child in your family -- needing to inject insulin every day -- read about the link between dehydration and diabetes -- in both the young and the old.

Discover why a common discomfort of pregnancy is actually the fetus's way of showing it needs water. Discover how sufficient water intake during pregnancy can positively influence the normal growth of the fetus. Remember, the woman's uterus is a physiological school for the fetus. What the fetus learns from the mother's chemistry will program its subsequent life.

Discover why water is the best weight-reducing substance. I know a man who weighed 480 pounds. He lost 290 pounds in one year by drinking water whenever he felt hungry. He had to have two operations to remove the loose skin. Another man lost 156 pounds in a year and a half. He reduced 14 pant sizes. A 15- to 45-pound weight loss with water is possible with minimal effort.

Discover why water is the best natural diuretic -- and antihistamine. It's also the choice treatment for arthritis, heartburn/hiatus hernia, asthma, allergy, depression, stress, angina pain, hypertension, back pain, heart disease, skin problems, prevention of cancer. And many more.

My Natural Miracle Cure Program teaches you a trick restaurants use to make tap water taste sweet -- like an expensive variety of bottled water.


You Are in Possession of Exclusive Life-Saving Information

What you have read so far is exclusive information. The Natural Miracle Cure Program (CDs) you are being offered as the next step in the process of your empowerment is the most important health package you could ever find. It is what all sick people have been praying for.

One simple element -- water -- can make so much difference in the life of a person -- one member of our society. Multiply this outcome by the number of people in this country and you will see how easily we can reverse the health care crisis of America. We can reduce the annual health care costs by no less than 60 percent, and have a truly healthy society.

As I said, it has taken me 18 years of full-time research -- on top of my medical education and many years of clinical experience -- to make the curing miracles of water available to people. I have left no stone unturned to develop my research - even when it meant I had to stay in prison longer than officially sentenced.

When I was finally declared innocent of the charges that had been leveled at me -- and offered earlier release from Evin Prison -- I asked to remain incarcerated for a while longer to complete my research -- it actually took me 4 months longer! I was in the middle of serious research that I needed to complete at any cost. Evin was the greatest "human stress laboratory" any serious research scientist could find. Life in prison was still very risky. There was no law or order. Any guard could do what he wanted, even cause someone to be shot on whim. But I had to stay longer and complete my research.

The prison officials could not believe their ears, but they agreed. By then the whole prison community was confounded by my work. The officials began to acclaim the work as theirs, and praised prison as an environment for "scientific research."

By the time I left prison -- after 2 years and 7 months -- I had gathered enough clinical data to begin changing the way medicine is practiced -- to make it into a truly science-based, people-friendly healing art.

My message was simple. "It Is Chronic Dehydration That Painfully and Prematurely Kills."

I left all my possessions and my country in the middle of the night in the fall of 1982. I escaped over its borders into Turkey. In November 1982, I reached America, and continued the scientific aspects of my research.

I was eager to share my findings with medical researchers here. I naively thought that what I had discovered would be considered important by leaders of medical research in America.

Alas, neither the American Medical Association, nor the National Institutes of Health would have anything to do with this medical breakthrough!

Even though I have presented my clinical findings and their scientific explanations at international and world conferences, and published them in serious medical journals, these institutions have refused to acknowledge them. They refuse to study the medicinal effects of water in place of the drugs they routinely push their members or followers to use.

They cannot admit to the American people they have made a bad mistake and that drugs are not the best treatment or cure for many diseases. They cannot admit that this blunder has cost society trillions of dollars. They cannot face the public and say: "Sorry, we have now discovered that, in most health problems, you are not sick -- you are only thirsty for water!" I now see that my mission can not be completed until I find a way to reach individuals in our society directly-- hence this medical report being sent to you today.

By now you must be aware that this unique medical breakthrough can alter your life forever. If you value your health the way you should, you need more information than I have been able to give here. Should you wish to know more than I can cover in this report, I recommend that you get my health education program that has been specially prepared for the lay public.

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As a Doctor, I Ask You to Give Water a Chance

I did not invent water. I only discovered its importance to health and well-being. My educational program will show how you can enjoy health and vitality just by tapping into the miracles hidden in a glass of water.

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In order to rehydrate your body cells effectively, you need to read this book. You must understand what you can and cannot do. It is not enough just to drink water. You must learn when and how much water to drink. You must learn how much salt to take, and why it needs to be taken in conjunction with your daily water intake. You must learn how to start your water intake to overcome heart disease, asthma, stomach problems, and so on. In short, there is much more to learn than I could teach you in this medical report.

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The tapes are ideal for any-time listening. At home, on the road, or for group discussions. They are an excellent source of information for the visually impaired.

FREE GIFT: The half-hour CBS-affiliate video documentary, "The Water Cure," produced by WYOU-TV, of Scranton, PA. This broadcast video describes my new health technology. It includes interviews with a number of people who have cured their diseases by using water as a medication. You cannot buy this unique video tape. It is available only as part of My Natural Water Cure Program (CDs).

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A medical student spends over $200,000 to become a doctor. At present, he is only taught how to treat your "dehydration" with medications. It is time you learn how to recognize dehydration yourself and prevent it from causing your body harm.

A Nominal Investment in Your Health That Provides Rewards Lasting a Lifetime
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As Louis Pasteur, discoverer of bacterial diseases, said: "Chance favors the prepared mind." I have tried to prepare your mind to understand the cause of painful degenerative diseases. I hope you will do yourself the favor of continuing to learn more than what this report can teach you, now that you have the chance.


F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

P.S. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with one of the diseases I mentioned and is about to get trapped into conventional medicine programs, get My Natural Water Cure Program (CDs) into their hands as fast as you can. It is more than likely he or she is only thirsty, and not sick or in need of medical or surgical treatment."