About Awganica

Awganica began from the epathetic thought of 'what if there was another way?' Losing somone close due to disease is likely the strongest motivator for change. Since learning about the true nature of disease from people such as Jim Humble, Santos Bonacci, Hippocrates, Dr. Sebi,        Dr Batmanghelidj and various other body, mind and soul healers there is now a solid foundation of understanding that reveals the true roots of illness.

Since becoming aware of crucial information about disease, hydration, diet and the human body, Awganica has been assisting people down the right path to good health, away from the unnatural and inorganic habits of the Pharmaceutical Industry. If you have been told that there is no cure for your disease, please do not just accept that as the truth, as it is likely not the case.


Awganica began rooting in Autumn 2014 by making the transition onto the alkaline vegan diet, gradually building a catalogue of invented and acquired recipes as well as a lot of knowledge and new understanding about the human body. We learnt that in order to reverse illness and disease, we must adhere to the needs of the original African genome that is present in ALL humanity, while maintaining a level of adequate hydration.


Awganica now knows that disease is not initially caused by a virus or bacteria, but by the accumulation of mucus in the body, where an acidic lifestyle has compromised the mucous membrane, thus depriving internal environments of oxygen and ultimately inhibiting the flow of resonance.

Fasting and herbal cleansing in addition to combining the water cure technique pioneered by Dr. Batmanghelidj are the most efficient ways to rid the body of mucus, while replacing depleted minerals. This is also known as intracellular cleansing, and it is not recognised by the paradigm of Western Medicine. Awganica learned that by cleaning out each individual cell of our bodies, and by allowing the digestive system to reset, we can transform our bodies back to their proper state of health (this even applies to bodies that were born with 'hereditary' disease).