Nutritional Advice

We do not charge for Nutritional Advice, however we welcome donations for our time in order to make it possible to keep helping people affordably. The best way to contact us for advice is through email:

Prices may be subject to change at any time

Phone Consultation

We are now offering  phone consultations for people who would like more personally tailored advice and guidance through healing and cleansing. These consultations can be used to work out which herbs will be most beneficial to you, and what we may be able to provide you with to continue with your healing journey. To book your consultation, get in touch through the Contact page.


30 minutes - £30           1hr - £40

Personal Cleanse Packs

Every body is different, so we think it is important to make bespoke teas, tonics and compounds to suit the particular needs of each individual. We would advise that you book a phone consultation to help us to give you the right herbs and advice, but it is optional. Otherwise we would discuss via email, which may take a little longer.

Prices start at - £35

Official Dr. Sebi Products

We stock a limited supply of official Dr. Sebi Cell Food products for those who wish to access them more easily in the UK. We cannot guarantee a permanent supply, which is why we have been working so hard to be able to create and supply cheaper alternatives. Go to our Shop page to see which products are in stock.

CBD Hemp Oil

The media is finally cottoning onto how medicinal the cannabis plant is, and it is legal to use the CBD (Cannabidiol) from the hemp plant for its curative benefits. CBD is particularly useful for conditions relating to the brain, nervous system, and immune system, as well as acting as an all round mediator for the entire body. To find out more about the secret powers of hemp, go to our Hemp page, or head to the contact page to order now.


Prices start at £20